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Summer Night Lights

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The Summer Night Lights program is a public and private partnership undertaken by the City of Los Angeles Mayor’s Office of Gang Reduction & Youth Development (“GRYD”) and The GRYD Foundation.

As a violence-reduction program, Summer Night Lights targets one of the seasons of greatest need and those locations historically impacted by such violence (evidence shows increased gang-related violence during summer months.)

Summer Night Lights (“SNL”) operates at 32 locations across the City of Los Angeles, keeping recreation centers & parks open between the hours of 7 pm – 11 pm throughout the summer months.  SNL expands the menu of activities at each site beyond what is traditionally offered.    SNL Flyer (English)       SNL Flyer (Spanish)


SNL gets families to the parks and offers a diverse range of activities so that everyone stays and participates.

In addition, the SNL program hires and trains teenagers and young adults from the community who are at-risk for gang involvement and/or gang-violence.




The GRYD Foundation helps the Summer Night Lights program by providing resources such as coaches, instructors, coordinators and intervention workers; oversight and administrative support; and apparel, food and supplies.


2013 program impact / highlights

# of Sites Site Visits Violence Reduction 6/26/2013 – 8/10/2013, Wednesdays-Saturdays Violence Reduction 8/16/2013 – 9/6/13, Fridays-Saturdays
32 sites 848,796 visits made to all 32 SNL sites 34.4% reduction in gang-related part 1 crimes for all SNL locations combined.
9.1% reduction in gang-related homicides.
42.8% reduction in shots fired.
39.7% reduction in victims shot.
33.8% reduction in aggravated assaults.
73.1% reduction in gang-related part 1 crimes for all SNL locations combined.
100% reduction in homicides.
87.5% reduction in shots fired.
85.7% reduction in victims shot.
83.3% reduction in aggravated assaults.
Meals Served Programming Highlights Programming Highlights Job Creation
530,497 total meals served 662 participants received free HIV/STD testing 3,918 participants attended Zumba clinics at the 32 sites
16,785 participants in an SNL art workshop
1,097 summer jobs created
352 at-risk youth hired and provided on-going training